Keep Me Accountable - Day 5

Just a quick note as I head off to start the day...

I managed to brainstorm the last Act of the book in a meeting yesterday. Nothing like multitasking. I listened to the meeting and absorbed what I needed to, while pounding out a good strategy for my characters and their journey.

This morning, I had to delete another unneeded scene. The word count is less, but it will rise again in the next few days as I write these new scenes I planned.

Current Word Count: 39,001
Target Word Count: 55,000 - 60,000 (I'm going loosey-goosey on my numbers. Wiggle room is never a bad thing when it comes to writing.)

Hope everyone has a productive writing day!


Rebecca Lynn said…
Today is my first day at the RWA PROS 50k challenge. I've had consulting meetings all morning and need to get back to my writing this afternoon before lots of church stuff tonight (Maundy Thursday, of course). So I'm just checking in to say I've got to get writing.

On a side note, thanks so much for doing this and making it public so I can keep myself accountable, too. I had a very weird day yesterday, so I'm just glad to get back on the horse again!!

Happy writing
Dianna Shuford said…
Hey, I like wiggle room too! Make things so much more interesting.

No progress here, but I'm killing myself at work to clear my desk off before spring break. Two kids off to Grandma's next week, which leaves me with one. I hope to make much progress next week. Maybe I can joing you guys in posting progress? One can only hope.

You keep going, Christy. Everytime you delete a word, say "muscle" to yourself. The new words will punch up that story.

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