Keep Me Accountable - Day 17

Monday was a beautiful, pollenated day, yet I didn't get any additional writing done after the morning hour. But thank God for that morning hour!

(And no, this picture isn't the lake or anywhere near my home... just a few hours south in Florida. My husband took the shot while on his fishing excursion last year. It's a sunrise and I was in the mood to share a photo with you :)

Yesterday was a day full of accomplishments... It started off getting up early enough to work on the book. The rest of the morning I took care of business that had been lingering and had put off for too long. The rest of the day was standard work stuff for my employer. The evening was filled with family business.  Getting up early and starting the day with writing is what I prefer because then I am free to spend the day as I need to.

This morning, however, I've been fighting to wake up and plan to work midday on the book. Being up all night with two kids who are both suffering from a cold or an allergy to all that blooms wears me out.

Yet I can't keep quiet about how excited I am about my progress. I'm further with this storyline, further in following the outline I've prepared, than ever before. Still, I have about 8 scenes to write to really complete this.

Eight is a liberal number. I figure I will need to expand those scenes to make the story better and slide into "THE END" mode as a baseball player slides into home plate.

Current Word Count 54,938 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you all know, Target Word Count is 55,000 - 60,000


I'm gonna make it this time and so are you! Keep plugging away!


Dianna Shuford said…
I know how you feel this morning. I fight to wake up every morning. That's why I prefer to write in the evenings. **grin**

I didn't get any writing on my story done yesterday, but I did get a chapter read of an amazing story being written by an up and coming author. (Good job!) I did print out a couple of chapters of my story to take with me to work today to read over as I wait for a band parent meeting at my son's school. Hopefully, today will be a better day for progress.
Rebecca Lynn said…
Oh my goodness, you are so close!!! It looks like today will be the day, then, eh? Congratulations!!!

I'm just about to head to the coffee shop to do a little wip-ing of my own. I'm sure I'll check back and report how it's going. :-) I'm digging this accountability thingy.
Christy--love the excitement of this post! Keep going!

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