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Her Best Catch by Lindi Peterson

Lindi Peterson's Her Best Catch is a first person Christian romance. Now, I usually don't read first person, but this has a romance in the story line, and I LOVE romance.

I started reading this book on Christmas night while I was trying to put my son to bed. Using my SuperNanny techniques, I was waiting for him to get out of bed so I could promplty put him right back in the bed. Since my little man likes to get out of bed on the minute, every minute, I had to be patient, but ready.... So, I'm standing at the kitchen counter, near his bedroom, Her Best Catch open and my book mark ready to be placed in said book as needed.

An hour later, my little man is asleep and I'm thinking I'll read one more chapter.... One more chapter turned into I'm half way through the book. I can't stop now!!!

I liked the main character, Allison Doll. She's a little snarky, in a nice way and I didn't feel she realized how attractive she was to Ashton Boyd, the relief pitche…

A Family for Faith by Missy Tippens

Today I wanted to share a book I read recently that I really enjoyed. First of all, if you are looking for a story that is short in quantity but not lacking in emotion and story, you can always find it with Harlequin's Love Inspired line.

Missy Tippen's book, A Family for Faith, is an emotion packed story about parents watching their kids grow up and letting go. It's a story about taking second chances at love. I liked how Missy addressed the issues that sometimes come up with divorced couples and a child who clings more to one parent than the other. The interesting part here was instead of the child going toward the mother, Faith's son had bonded more with his father during his teen years. I couldn't help feel a pull for Faith, because knowing how it is to love your children so much, then have a separation form is tough. Moms and Dads still love their children even if they don't see the child daily or if something has happened to put a wall between them. I …

Comfort & Joy - Scentsy Scent of the Month

I must share the scent of the month from Scentsy with you. Check out the video:

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Did I Notice Your Book?

Anyone for a writing experiment?
I'm participating in the Did I Notice Your Book Blog Hop which began with Ciara Knight  This is the first time I've participated in this and I'm looking forward to the response and seeing how this works! With all the new tools out there to monitor book sales and blurbs mentioned about their books, we are highlighting a new book each week. I’ll post it in the morning. If by the end of the day that author finds her book on this post I want her or him to tell us how they discovered it; word of mouth through the close network of writers, a Yahoo group mention, or through some new fangled Google tool.
Now, how will I choose this book each week? It will be a book that caught my attention. As a reader, I will keep an eye out for something that either provoked me to read the blurb, look at the author’s blog, or purchase said book.
Before I reveal my choice I want to clarify that this author has no idea that I’ve chosen his/her book!
The book I no…