Keep Me Accountable - the 14th day

Day 13 was a zilch day. Didn't get up early enough, didn't get anything accomplished during midday and didn't get anything done that evening.

Day 14 is looking brighter. This morning I've edited a previous chapter and continued to plot to the end of the book.

My friend Belinda uses a chart with her story plotting. Belinda, feel free to speak up here and talk about how you are a pantzer.

Being a pantzer writer means its difficult to plan your chapters ahead of time. I started off as a pantzer writer, but am trying to plot more ahead of time with my stories. I think it may be a good thing to get that first draft down on paper as quickly as possible. That rough first draft that you write as a free flow, as the mood hits, as your muse guides you, can bring about some really great lines and may be a true version of how your voice comes across in your story.

However, be ready to revise. For me, the first draft wasn't long enough. Character development wasn't strong enough. In that first draft I was just getting to know my characters. Their motivation was one dimensional. 6 years later, I have revised and revised. I've cut out thousands of words that were merely backstory.

It's this book that I have used to learn the craft, to de-clutter the story. I hope in the end it is all I have hoped and prayed for...It is in these revisions where I changed my pantzer ways and moved across the wall to becoming a plotter, a planner.

Charting the progress of the story - charting where I've been and where I'm going isn't easy. It takes time. But it has helped me over these last few weeks when I hit a wall. It helps me overcome whatever is holding me back.

Along with completing the chart this morning, editing a previous chapter, I moved several scenes into the current document, my "deadline draft."

So my word count grew considerably!!!

Current Word Count 52,385 

Now I'll be honest with myself and you... this will continue to go up and down as I get closer to the finish line. By moving existing scenes from a previous revision into this new one, I am planning the road ahead. I'll stay flexible as I move forward, understanding change is a good thing.

How about you? What are some techniques you like to use when crafting your story?


Dianna Shuford said…
I'm so proud of you, Christy! You're doing a great job.

Yesterday, I wrote 5 pages of a new scene. Still, I'm not finished with it and hope to get that done today sometime.

The first story I wrote- I just sat down and started writing. I didn't know anything about character development, story arcs, or GMC. I have learned a lot these last few years. My current WIP, I sat down and prepared character backstory, outlined the entire book, and had my motivations and goals in my mind before I began writing. This is not saying I've not had to adjust or fine tune any of those things, but I've discovered I prefer the writing life of a plotter to that of a pantzer. Lot less stress in revisions that way. :-)
Christy LaShea said…
I totally agree, Dianna!
Rebecca Lynn said…
Oh my goodness. I leave for a couple of days and you grow 12,000 words!!! YAY!! :-)

I need to work that kind of magic on my ms right now. Went to Portland and got off track. Need to get back on track! :-)

Good work, Christy!

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