Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Keep Me Accountable - Day 24

Writing report:
Four hours ended up being 3 and a half once the coffee was brewed and the dishes were loaded in the dishwasher.

I just couldn't stand it anymore. I forced myself not to dive into housework, reminded myself it would be there when I was ready to tackle it and vowed myself I would return to finish it.

I rewrote an existing scene and worked on a new one. All in all, it was a productive afternoon. Yay!

Current Word Count: 56,523


Dianna Shuford said...

WooHoo! You go girl!

I'm off to work now. Wish I could stay home and write. :(

Rebecca Lynn said...

Wow, you are chuggin' right along, sista!! Congratulations!

I got another 1500 words done today. Looking forward to writing some more tonight, I think. But congrats on the progressing word count!