Keep Me Accountable - Day 18 - addendum

No writing today. Filed Taxes. Ugh. Totally depressed about this. The taxes, that is.

Can't let this NO WRITING thing continue... I'm praying Day 20 will be more productive. 

Who wrote today? Who revised? Who just read or brainstormed? Let's hear all about it!!


Rebecca Lynn said…
I also filed my taxes today. And am depressed.

Well, actually, I already filed my taxes in March, but I had to file an amended return today because I forgot to include one of my income streams in my first return. Sucked. I highly recommend never having that experience if you can help it. At least I didn't need an extension. That's all I have to say about that.

I also have not written yet today, but am sitting down to do just that in about half an hour.

Good luck with more writing!!
Dianna Shuford said…
I've not gotten anything written today either. (Maybe it's catching...quick, find a cure!) Swore I would write something tonight, but when I got home I was pooped out. :(

I did get a rather nice critique back and I've read over that, rather pleased with my progress if I do say so, but I decided not to act on the changes necessary tonight. I'm not too creative when I'm tired.

I did the next best thing though...I read several pages of my crit partner's stuff.
Christy LaShea said…
Oh, no, Rebecca. Taxes twice is no fun, I'm sure. I hope working on your book made your day go better.

I find I have a hard time writing if something is bothering me. I have to get that thing accomplished before I can have success with working on the book.

Dianna, sometimes writing when you are tired is a bad idea. Or, for me it is. Glad you are getting some reviewing done, though! I'm looking foward to the feedback!
Mindy Obenhaus said…
Okay, you filed your taxes on April 14? Now that's procrastination.

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