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Spirit of Sweetgrass by Nicole Seitz

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing

Integrity/Thomas Nelson (March 6, 2007)

Nicole Seitz


NICOLE SEITZ is a South Carolina Lowcountry native and freelance writer/illustrator published in South Carolina Magazine, Charleston Magazine, House Calls, The Island Packet and The Bluffton Packet.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Journalism, she also has a bachelor's degree in illustration from Savannah College of Art & Design. Nicole is an exhibiting artist in the Charleston, South Carolina area where she owns a web design firm and lives with her husband and two small children.


Essie Mae Laveau Jenkins is a 78-year-old sweetgrass basket weaver who sits on the side of Hwy. 17 in the company of her dead husband, Daddy Jim.

Inspired by her Auntie Leona, Essie Mae finally discovers her calling in life and weaves powerful "love baskets," praying fervently over th…

Defiant Heart by Tracey Bateman ~ My Review!

Unfortunately, I wasn't finished with this book when the CFBA blog tour rolled around. But if you like historicals and stories of pioneers searching for a new life in the young West, this is the story for you.

Fannie Caldwell is desperate to escape her life as an abused indentured servant with her twin siblings. Although Blake Tanner is reluctant to allow Fannie to come along on his wagon train, he can't deny the determination he sees in her. As they head West, they discover Christ's love and a new love between them. But will they ever be able to escape Fannie's past?

Tracey Bateman kept me hooked throughout the story. Just when I thought Fannie was safe, another challenge would strike. I loved Fannie's determined character. It was a joy to read about Fannie and Blake's blooming relationship. Supporting characters in Sam and Toni make me look forward to Book Two!

F.A.I.T.H. post today: Our Ministry Starts at Home

Last Saturday I attended GA Romance Writer's monthly chapter meeting. My husband had a day planned with my daughter, but they were still watching cartoons as I emerged from the bedroom. With my makeup complete, my toenail polish touched up, I walked out of the bedroom feeling confident in my long, funky skirt and strappy sandals.

My husband stopped playing with our daughter and sent me "the look".

This is one of those looks that means he has an opinion about my outfit or hair. I know if I ask him his opinion, he will give it to me, whether I like it or not. If I ask him, "Does this make me look fat?" He'll give me an honest answer.

So, I wanted to know what was on his mind. Because the skirt had gotten a little tight around the hips. (It's only been TWO years since my daughter was born. I'm still working on getting my figure back! Or getting a better one!)

Anyway, my defenses had tightened. "What?".
"Nothing," he replied.
As usual,…

Snitch by Rene Gutteridge

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
SNITCH(The Occupational Hazards)
(WaterBrook Press May 15, 2007)
Rene Gutteridge

Rene Gutteridge is the author of several novels, including Ghost Writer (Bethany House Publishers) The Boo Series (WaterBrook Press) and the Storm Series, (Tyndale House Publishers. She will release three novels in 2006: Storm Surge (Tyndale) My Life as a Doormat (WestBow Press, Women of Faith)Occupational Hazards Book #1: Scoop (WaterBrook Press).

She has also been published over thirty times as a playwright, best known for her Christian comedy sketches. She studied screenwriting under a Mass Communications degree, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Oklahoma City University, and earned the "Excellence in Mass Communication" award. She served as the full-time Director of Drama for First United Methodist Church for five years before leaving to stay home and write. She enjoys instructing at writer's conferences and in colle…

Defiant Heart by Tracey Bateman

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Defiant Heart
(Avon Inspire May 8, 2007)
Tracey Bateman

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tracey Bateman lives in Missouri with her husband and four children. Their rural home provides a wonderful atmosphere for a writer's imagination to grow and produce characters, plots, and settings.In 1994, with three children to raise, she and her husband agreed that she should go to college and earn a degree. In a freshman English class, her love for writing was rekindled, and she wrote a short story that she later turned into a book.Her college career was cut short with the news of their fourth baby's impending arrival, but the seeds of hope for a writing career had already taken root. Over the next several years she wrote, exchanged ideas with critique partners, studied the craft of writing, and eventually all the hard work paid off. She currently has over twenty-five books published in a variety of genres. Tracey Bateman believes completely th…
I'm rambling today on F.A.I.T.H.

Orchard of Hope by Ann Gabhart

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing


(Revell March 1, 2007)


Ann Gabhart

Ann H. Gabhart has published a number of adult and young adult novels with several different publishers. The author of The Scent of Lilacs, Ann and her husband live a mile from where she was born in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. She is active in her country church, and her husband sings bass in a southern gospel quartet.

Nothing will be the same after the summer of 1964.Drought has gripped the quiet Kentucky town of Hollyhill, and the town seems as if it is holding its breath--waiting. Jocie Brooke is nervous about starting high school. Her sister Tabitha is experiencing the weariness of waiting for a new baby. Her father David is feeling the timidity of those first steps toward true love. All of these pivotal steps in life are awaiting the Brooke family. Into this cloud of tense anticipation, a black family from Chicago, the Hearndons move he…

Happy Mother's Day

Check out F.A.I.T.H. ~ We've got a winner for our Mother's Day Contest!

Maybe Heaven has a window

I am still in the new phase of being a mom. I'm growing as Downey grows, learning new things about what it means to be a mother as she moves through all the milestones in her life. . .

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All this week ~ Monday, May 7th through Saturday, May 12th ~ F.A.I.T.H. is running a contest honoring Mother's Day.

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Book Review: RANSOMED DREAMS by Amy Wallace


Amy Wallace is a member of the CFBA and an avid Blogger. A self-confessed chocoholic, this freelance writer is a graduate of the Gwinnett County Citizens Police Academy and serves as the liaison for the training division of the county police department. Amy is a contributing author of God Answers Moms' Prayers, God Allows U-Turns for Teens, Chicken Soup for the Soul Healthy Living Series: Diabetes, and A Cup of Comfort for Expectant Mothers. She lives in Georgia with her husband and three daughters.


Chained To Yesterday

When tragedy struck and Gracie Lang lost everything, her faith crumbled, and nothing but the drive for justice propelled her forward. But after two years of dead-end searching, the truth Gracie seeks is the very thing her stalker will stop at nothing to hide.

Forgiveness Unlocks the Future

An FBI agent in the Crimes Against Children Unit, Steven Kessler spends his days rescuing other people’s children and nights caring for his son. He’s …

Picture of the Week

August 2006 ~ Water Lillies floating on our Koi pond.



All this week ~ Monday, May 7th through Saturday, May 12th ~ F.A.I.T.H. is running a contest honoring Mother's Day.

Post a comment every day and that will increase your chances of winning.

We'll put all the names in a hat and draw the winner on Sunday, May 13 - Mother's Day!



I've been tagged by Missy T

And I can't say no to Missy, because this is her first time of being tagged!

I am posting the rules as Missy has them on her blog:

1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

8 random facts/habits about me ...

1. One of the first things that attracted me to my husband was the fact that he, too, was a Star Wars fan. (I'm talking the first movies that came out of the last 3 chapters of George Lucas' story: Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi.)

2. Every time I look at something lavender in color I think of my Granny Hinton, because she loved that color, too.

3. I pick my split ends. Not only do I pick them, I actually split them. (I'm sorry to …

My Day of Freedom . . .

. . . Came Wednesay ~

Find out why, today on the F.A.I.T.H. blog!


This week the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing

TRIBULATION HOUSE (Harvest House 2007)


Chris Well


Chris Well is a fellow member of the CFBA and founder of its sister organization, FIRST. He is an acclaimed novelist and award–winning magazine editor and has previously written the “laugh–out–loud Christian thrillers” Deliver Us from Evelyn and Forgiving Solomon Long(one of Booklist’s Top 10 Christian Novels of 2005). He has also contributed to 7ball, Infuze, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. Chris and his wife live in Tennessee, where he is hard at work on his next novel.



Mark Hogan has it all. The job. The family. A position on the board at church. All he’s missing is a boat. Not just any boat—a 2008 Bayliner 192.

When Reverend Daniel Glory announces that the Rapture is taking place on October 17 at 5:51am, Hogan realizes his boat–buying days are numbered. So he does what any man…