Keep Me Accountable - Day 25, 26, 27, 28

Are you familiar with the teacup?

Not the one you drink from, but the carnival ride, "teacup."  It may be called something else where you live. It may be called something different where I live... but I refer to it as the teacup. My daughter loves to ride it on the carousel at the mall. You sit in it and spin yourself around, as fast as you can, while the carousel is running.

This week has been one long, but good, teacup ride...

Day 25 - I don't remember if I wrote. I do remember it was my husband's 34th birthday -
Happy Birthday, Hon...  We went to dinner and got home late. The kiddos were with us and my daughter begged for a pink balloon. Of course, the restaurant had one and graciously gave it to her.

Day 26 - I don't think I wrote that day either. It seems the day was a rush from beginning to end. Thursday after work, I baked a cake for my husband's birthday, with my daughter's help. God bless my dear husband that he doesn't get caught up in the details of life. Some people may be upset that their spouse didn't do something special to recognize their birthday... and that the special something came a day late.

Day 27 - I don't think I wrote that day either. Am I repeating myself here? I do remember working until 8pm that night. I was working a later shift, so I was only supposed to work until 7pm. But when you've been up since six and running wild trying to get everything accomplished BEFORE you arrived at the office, working an hour over tends to make you feel a little put out. Oh, well, duty calls and I tend to be willing to answer that call of duty since those paychecks help put food on the table and support my writing career.

Day 28 - I didn't write today. I was back at work, anticipating a storm system that could generate a whole lotta work for my office. I did accomplish something, though. I read entries for a couple of contests I'm judging. Reading for one contest helped remind me where I've been in my writing. Reading for the other contest shows me where I want to go.

Which is why I've got to get back to writing and let everything else go for one more week!

I've been riding this insane teacup for the last four days. It's time to step off, regroup, and get back into a normal, more calm schedule.


What have you all been up to this week?

Oh, and here's my current word count:  56,460


Christy LaShea said…
I must have edited sometime this week and forgot... my word count is less than it was on Day 24...
Anonymous said…
You're week sounds a bit like mine was. I didn't get anything done until yesterday.

Yesterday I finally typed in my pencil revisions and finally had to stop at the end of chapter three because I was too tired to continue. I've not been keeping up with word counts but I can tell you this- when I started my revisions, Act I was somewhere around 8,000 words and now it's over 11,000. That's great news because my overall word count is short from where I need to be.

My word verification is "losur." I hope that's not hinting at anything!
Happy belated birthday to Billy!
Happy belated birthday to Billy, too!!
And no, Dianna, I don't think the word verification is prophetic!!
I'm 6,500 words into the rewrite of the book I've already written. I'm at a point where I need to insert a new scene.
Slower at these times, but then there are the times I can plop a whole scene in from the other version and the word count goes up quickly.

Chrity---you can do it!!
Oh, your name is Christy---not Chrity---does this count as 2 comments for the prize?
Christy LaShea said…
LOL Lindi... since you spelled my name wrong you only get one comment. Just kidding...;)

Way to go on the re-write!!
Both Lindi and Dianna! Woo-Hoo!!!

Thanks for stoppin' by Jenn! I'll tell Billy you and Lindi wished him a happy b-day...

Folks, you all will need to stop by in June as Jenn will be here talking about her new book! Can't wait!!!

And no, Dianna, I don't get to choose my word verification, and if I did, Losur wouldn't be it. I prefer more positive words!
Rebecca Lynn said…
Wow, it sounds like you have had an absolutely hectic weekend!! The teacup ride, that made me laugh.

Well, I had my hectic weekend, as well, this weekend. Our big fundraiser sketch comedy production was this Friday and it seemed like every single day was one more thing I had to do as a result of that. The good thing is: it's over!

And today, I can get back to writing. :-) I did get about 2200 words done this weekend, in between everything, but as I'm going back through them today, I think that at least half of them are going away again... aah, me.

The life. :-)
Rebecca Lynn said…
Oh, I was gonna say, too... on my blog, I used to do this thing called "Word Verification Balderdash" where we would come up with definitions for the word verification words. It was lots of fun.

Like this time, I got "immult" and I would say that the definition is to "set on fire with an angry word" like immolate and insult. Ha. It's fun. Anyway, back to writing! :-)
Rebecca Lynn said…
Just stopping back by. 1500 words tonight. My inner secret writing vampire came out after dark and I got another half a chapter done! :-)
Christy LaShea said…
Way to go on the progress Rebecca!!

I like the Word Verification Balderdash - too funny!

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