Keep Me Accountable - Days 29 & 30

No progress on the home front...

Tonight is our ACFW W.O.R.D. meeting at Sugar Hill United Methodist Church. If you're in the area, we're planning a wonderful meeting with our guest speaker Steeple Hill Author Debby Giusti. Find out more on our website for WORD.

Oh, and I blogged Sunday on FAITH. You can laugh at this, but the Agent I mentioned in said blog post was probably notified by a google alert... and she "tweeted" about the blog post. Check out the comments section after you read about the dream... Oh, and you can laugh with me. Sometimes I forget about this vacuum of information we post to, where anyone in the world can see what you're doing.

I'll report back with a word count later... now, off to work!


Rebecca Lynn said…
I saw that Tweet! I wondered who it was that dreamt about her. :-)

I made a little progress last night, but not a ton. I'm looking forward to more progress tonight.

Happy Tuesday!!

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