Keep Me Accountable - Day 6

Friday, Friday, I'm so glad you're here...

Well folks, brainstorming in a meeting that has nothing to do with the subject of my current manuscript worked wonders. I can't brainstorm in every meeting that I attend and I wouldn't dare try it. I appreciate my job and do want to stay on top of the ever-changing changes that take place there.

Still, multitasking on occassion never hurt anyone and in fact has helped me...

Thanks are due my hubby for entertaining our sometimes high maintenance 5 year old last night for an hour. In that hour, I was able to stroke out a few pages of notes within the body of the manuscript. As a result, my word count is back up to 39,559. Yay!

I'm counting those notes as words because those will help me remember where I wanted to go and I will delete the brainstorming words as I form the new scenes. These fluff words are a general guideline I want to follow, a map that's going to lead me to the end.

Let's keep up the postive outlook. We will see "the end" to our manuscripts and will then revise more or prepare them to be mailed.

How are you all coming? What are your plans for the weekend?

******************** Join me in this writing rally!!! **********************

If you would like to help keep me accountable and be entered in my contest for a $10 Starbucks gift card + a special surprise from me, leave a comment here. The winner will be announced at the end of this contest April 30. If you go to my post on FAITH you'll see I've posted instructions for the contest. I blog every Sunday on FAITH and will give a weekly update there as well. So those Sunday comments also count toward the contest.

But Only Blogger comments will be counted... Facebook comments don't count.

Thank you for your support!


Christy LaShea said…
I'll start us off... Saturday and Sunday will be busy days... Saturday we have an Easter Egg Hunt and a birthday party to attend. We're looking forward to both, so these aren't things I would want to get out of.... Sunday, Easter dinner with family. I hope I will be able to rise early on Saturday and Sunday and will feel inspired to write. Today, the laptop is my lunch buddy.

And I'm trying not to read Cheryl Wyatt's book during my writing time as it is really good and I am now hooked (Title: A Soldier's Devotion)

Thanks alot for the distraction, Dianna.
Dianna Shuford said…
You're welcome! I'm happy to help any way I can. **giggle** BTW- told you that book would get really good.

Writing notes in the body of the manuscript is something that I do, and it really does work. Helps you feel productive while letting you think through the scene. I write my notes in red, and after I write my scene, I delete the red words.
Rebecca Lynn said…
Hope that the weekend went well. I haven't gotten a ton of writing done this weekend, but I'm definitely doing better than I thought I would be. Almost 12,000 words this week. So glad to have had such a good week!

Thanks for all these posts. It's been great for me to have my check in with Christy's writing accountability! :-)
Mindy Obenhaus said…
Go Christy, go Christy! I'm so proud of you, girl. You can do it!
Keep going, girl! I didn't get any writing done over the weekend, but plan to this week.

Will check back on your progress.
prashant said…
that book would get really good.
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