Keep Me Accountable - the 19th day

Today I was at home with my son yesterday, but had to take him to the doctor. I managed to pick up about an hour of writing while he slept. Major accomplishment since I didn't think I'd get any writing done.

I love being at home, with my baby boy, but would rather the reason was something other than the little guy was sick!

Somehow, through revisions and writing a quick new scene, I've added words...

Current Word Count 55,098.


But.... I'm still not done. Soon. It'll happen soon!  How about you?

******************** Join me in this writing rally!!! **********************

If you would like to help keep me accountable and be entered in my contest for a $10 Starbucks gift card + a special surprise from me, leave a comment here. The winner will be announced at the end of this contest April 30. If you go to my post on FAITH you'll see I've posted instructions for the contest. I blog every Sunday on FAITH and will give a weekly update there as well. So those Sunday comments also count toward the contest.

But Only Blogger comments will be counted... Facebook comments don't count.

Thank you for your support!


Sorry the litle one was sick. Yes,not a good reason to be at home. But you are still plugging away. Way to go. And your word count is really getting up there.

Keep it going.

I haven't had my mornings this week as I've had to be to work early. And my nights have been full. We have the workshop tomorrow and I hope to get fully back into rewriting-revising Monday a.m.
Missy Tippens said…
Hey, you're almost there!! Good work. But I'm sorry you little buddy is sick.

BTW, I love the new background for your blog!
Rebecca Lynn said…
Wow, congratulations! You've met your goal of over 55,000 words!! :-)

I finally did 500 words yesterday. And today, I did 1000 so far. Looking forward to doing more tonight after making dinner.

Thanks again for this writing rally. It's keeping me motivated!!

Hope the kiddo feels better soon!
Dianna Shuford said…
You're amazing, Christy!

Rebecca- you go girl!

Lindi- my money's on you!

One word at a time...sweet Jesus...
Mindy Obenhaus said…
Yay! You're almost there. Keep going.

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