I've always enjoyed reading historical novels. As a child I actually imagined living in the mid 1800s. My grandmother fed my imagination by supplying me with hoop skirts and costumes of the age. She also granted me endless hours typing on her electric typewriter. I fell in love with Gone With The Wind and imagined myself writing my own book one day.
I'm currently dabbling with Time Travel. I've renewed an old manuscript by adding the Time Travel element. I was curious to see how it would be received and I'm happy to report my manuscript The Bridge Between is a finalist in the Romance Through The Ages Contest!
The first round judges were kind and generous in their review of the manuscript. It takes time to read pages of someone else's work and give your honest opinion. I appreciate the feedback I received and have considered it as I move forward in completing the revision.
Check back for more updates. And until then, write on!


Anonymous said…
Congratulations. I would like to read your manuscript The Bridge Between. I am a big historical novel lover myself, I really enjoy when I have to write for something historical, it can be an essay or a research paper. However, I have several degrees from different spheres, so I also love to invistigate an interesting topic and then write something really worth of reading.

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