Keep Me Accountable - the 11th day

Last night I told my husband I only had approximately 18,000 more words to write to reach my goal.

He rolled his eyes. "It took you 6 years to write this much! How long will it take to finish?"

Tsk, tsk... he tries but he doesn't understand.

The story 6 years ago is dead. Dead!

This one is alive and well, although it's been revised so much it's.... never mind. We won't go there.

Ah, I'm starting to pick at my hair. It is time to shut down and go into the land of Nod.

But before you say goodnight, share your progress... the good and the bad. It all counts here...

Current Word Count 42,882
Target Word Count   60,000


Dianna Shuford said…
More than 200 words added! Yeah!!!

I've worked on chapter 3 some more, but still hitting road blocks. I have gotten through half of that chapter and then moved that half into chapter 2! That leaves chapter 3 still a mess. **deep breath** Oh, well- back to the grind.
Rebecca Lynn said…
I have a book like this, that I worked for about 10 years on, and then finally finished. There is *no* better feeling in the world than working that hard for that long.

My next book took about four months to write. :-) So in my experience, it gets a lot shorter, the longer you work. Love it. :-)

Yay! Keep motivating me. Love it!!

yeah for your progress!! I'm still judging contest entries. But having fun. Hope to work this weekend on my ms.
i'm revising so I'll post the number of pages I've revised. I'm ready to put this book out there and start something new.
I wanted to have a new chapter and synop for the Maggies.
Hmmm...maybe that'll be another goal.

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