Inspiring You Days 3 & 4

I was off work on Friday, however that does not mean I rest. I cleaned floors, washed clothes and managed to run a few errands while chasing my 8 month old son around the house. My 5 year old daughter also keeps me busy, although she's a great help.

However, the busy-ness of the day kept me from posting my progress yesterday. Though minimal, I did manage to continue plotting my book and I started two charts for my 2 main characters.

That progress continued this morning. I'm happy to report I've gained another 500 words to my draft as of yesterday. Today, my total is 2,423. I'm approaching the middle of the book. I'm working between reviewing some brief plot points I made a few weeks ago when I outlined the book. I used Michael Hauge's Six Stage Plot Structure. I've got to say, this tool really helped me visualize each major part of the story.   

I also use a GMC chart that Debra Dixon teaches in her book: GMC: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict. You can actually purchase a copy at the link above. Using GMC helps me to understand where my characters have been and where they are going. Although, I always have doubts as to whether the GMC is strong enough and the character's GMC will usually change, and should change, as the story progresses. Right now, I don't know that I have a strong handle on either character's GMC. I know where they've been and where I want them to end up. It's that sagging middle that always worries me. And right now, I'm at the point of plotting where I wonder how I'm going to overcome that sagging middle problem.

After all, I want my story to be that svelte hourglass-figure shape... not that unhealthy pear shape.

How do you overcome the sagging middle? Or, a weak character? Do you just write and write and worry about the flaws of the story in revisions?


Cindy R. Wilson said…
I try to avoid a sagging middle by planning a major plot point near the center of the story (for me, this is usually an event, and a turning point for one or both of the characters). With this story I'm focusing a lot on making the characters stronger and more unique. I hope I'm doing it, anyway :)
Lindi Peterson said…
I write and worry about the flaws later. That's why I have major revisions. But I like it that way. i feel that's how I work the best. Although I wasn't comfortable with working this way for quite a while. But it is what it is. You can't fit a round peg in a square hole.
I am very far behind on my goals. Will post later tonight if I make progress. Thought I would work today but the lure of the North Georgia Apple Festival called, (my daughter and my husband are the lure) and we spent the day there. It was fun, but now I have to get some work done.
Anonymous said…
This is such a fun blog! I'm going to link to it in my blogroll if that's okay!
Christy LaShea said…
Cindy, that's what Michael Hauge teaches. I hope my major plot point falls there. I think I plan & write too much backstory and then the major plot points happens in the last act. Need to fix that.

Lindi, I get some of my greatest ideas on the road to trips like that. Hope you enjoyed your day!

Hi, Brandy - Thank you! Please, be my guest and link!

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