Inspiring You Day 5

I can't believe we're on day 5 already! 

Unfortunately, I didn't get much writing done today. I enjoyed the day playing with my children and helping my husband on a project. We started the day at church. I was amazed by the passion our pastor conveyed when he shared about a new outreach he's leading us toward. It's all about helping those that are in our neighborhood... those just beyond our backdoor. Very eye-opening.

My daughter sat with us in "Big Church" today and did really great. She was well behaved, colored during the sermon and stood and sat when the rest of us did. She's only 5, but I can tell a huge change in her. Still, I look at her and I'm amazed at how fast she's growing up.

Back to writing... I'm continuing to think through the story. I decided that I may go ahead and write a major scene that's been on my mind. This is jumping waaayyyy ahead, but I must remember I can perfect the scene in revisions that come later.

I hope you all got something accomplished today. My word count remains the same. As a matter of fact, I didn't even open the document today.  I know Dianna is feeling under the weather. I pray she's back behind the keyboard soon.

This week, along with writing more on this new story - I hope to have a proposal completed and mailed to a perspective agent on a prior story. What about you, anything you'd really like to finish this week?


Rebecca Lynn said…
I just got a huge section of my ms back with comments from my cp, so I'll be doing that today. But after that, I'm hoping to write a LOT! Thanks for the kick in the pants, Christy.
Christy LaShea said…
So glad this is helping you Rebecca! It's helping me to stay consistent. I need a support group!!! You girls are it!
Lindi Peterson said…
I'm so far behind, still. That Apple Festival! Yesterday was church, food, church, food. Hmmm. Yes, in that order. So I'm at it this morning.
Hi, Rebecca.

And I hope Dianna is feeling better.
Cindy R. Wilson said…
We had a great time yesterday with church and my hubby's grandma's 94th birthday party. I did finish my plotting last week, though, and I'm writing every day. Yay!

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