Inspiring You: Days 20, 21, 22

Hi All!  We've already had one person meet their goal, so I know she will be getting a gift card from me for participating! How about the rest of you. Dianna and I haven't done so great, but I think part of this challenge is remaining accountable no matter the progress. This is something I need help with because I am the queen of deciding not to follow through with a goal.

Maybe writing is such a passion, I'll learn to change my ways through this avenue.

Nothing more written since I checked in with you all on Sunday. Last night, Author Amy Wallace, spoke at our local chapter meeting (ACFW's WORD). I was certainly inspired by her discussion on story structure, character voice, and character lies.

I had never thought about my character in this manner. Do you know what I mean? Is your character believing a lie about themselves? You may be wondering, what is a lie?

Your character may believe, "I'm helpless," yet they find themselves in a situation where they must fight their way out, or fight to save someone else. Think about your character for a moment. If he/she were in this life threatening situation, but in their mind they believed "I'm helpless" how would that affect how they approach the situation? They can't avoid the situation - They have to face this life-threatening event - Imagine how their inner "lie" about their self will up the stakes, up the conflict and trigger a tougher motivation for them. Imagine how sweet the resolution could be if they are able to face the "lie" and even overcome it.

Is this approach to thinking of your character's situation new to you or is this something you are already doing? If my past characters had any lies about themselves, I don't think I approached it in this manner. It has put a new spin on my characters and I'm rethinking my current story. I hope this was the spark I needed to dig in deep to this new story. Now, it's your turn...


Cindy R. Wilson said…
Oh, I love looking at my stories and characters this way--like they're believing a lie. In my current WIP, my heroine believes she can't trust anyone because she's always been let down in the past and my hero believes it's futile (and a recipe for pain) to love again because he lost his mother as a teenager and his wife and daughter almost two years ago.

This really helps me to understand what obstacles they're going to have to overcome to grow and change.

And I'm going to be a cheerleader over here to encourage you all on your goals! :) Still five more days in October (including today) to get there! You can do it!
Our poor characters - so many ways to torture them :)

I am still editing/rewriting.

I think I will make my Dec. deadline for the contest entry. Sorry if I am not inline with your blog's deadline Christy, but I am finding this accountability blog helpful all the same. :)

I'm on page 155 of 329 and 68436 words. I am amazed at how long it is taking me to rewrite each scene. But, I am really focusing on layering, tightening my wording and getting rid of any passive writing, so its understandable and I think it's sounding much better.

Good luck with your writing everyone!

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