Inspiring You Challange - The Final Day

If you've tried to reach me and landed at, please forgive, I'm trying to make some changes here... I should know not to start any remodeling until after the guests leave...

Today is the last day of the challenge, so everyone who participated, please confirm were you are with your goal...

My challenge was to start a new book. Goal Accomplished. Never mind that Chapter One looks horrendous. A lot of revisions needed her.  My challenge also included to have the rough draft completed by October 31st.
Ouch! Goal Not Met.

I did learn that I did not have a good enough handle on my characters. I also had not done enough research on the issues I plan to address through these characters. It seems I wanted to write about people I didn't know all that well. Back to the drawing board....

Here are some of your stated Challenges:

~Dianna - wanted to get through revisions on her completed book as much as possible.
~Lindi - wanted to write 1,000 words a day.
~Rebecca - wanted to have 50,000 words of new text written by today.
~Mindy - wanted to have 12, 000 words written for the month.
~Cindy - wanted to have 45,000 words written by the end of the month. (I think Cindy met her goal!!!)
~Eva - is currently working on revisions to a completed book.
~Sherrie - was working to mail out a proposal and looking to begin a new book.

Check In time ladies... How have you done?  If you accomplished your goal, a gift card will be awarded to you, for thanks in helping me remain accountable. For those of us who have not reached our goal, never fear, in Scarlett O'Hara's words, "Tomorrow is another day..." 

I am going to continue to post progress on my blog as much as possible. I invite you to return and keep me updated on your own progress. Thanks to all who have participated!


Christy LaShea said…
According to my records, Cindy met her goal... Cindy, and for all of you who have met your goals, please email me your snail mail address ...
christylashea at gmail dot com
Dianna Shuford said…
Hi, Christy. I don't have good news to report. I didn't get any revisions completed on my current work, but I did make it through a deep POV class I had signed up for.

Congrats to all you ladies who did meet your goal.
Cindy R. Wilson said…
Christy, you are super sweet! You were such a good encouragement in getting me going on this novel. I ended at almost 50 K words--so basically, I did NaNo a month early :D. I'll shoot you an e-mail, too!
Rebecca Lynn said…
Christy, you are awesome!! I didn't get my 50K, but I did just ove 45, which was AWESOME! :-)

The slow patch in the middle of the month was what killed me.

But I'm doing NaNo this month, so I'm shooting for 50K again. That means this project will be done, and another will be almost done, hopefully by the end of November. Woohoo! :-)

Thanks for the accountability.

In case anyone is doing NaNo, my username is beck_a_tron like my Twitter. :-)

Love to you all!!
Hi Christy... looking forward to another accountability session - please let me know when it is.

I am still editing away :) My new goal (and I have to meet this one) is to get my wip polished to submit to the Golden Heart. Is anyone entering this year? Has anyone entered before? I can't resist trying it just to see what actually goes on.

Good luck to you all!!
Lindi said…
I did not get 1000 words a day, but I did get words written. Thanks for the challenge. Keep us posted when you are doing another one.
I like the new look of your site.

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