TTIN Challenge: Heyday 15 & 16

If I followed my blog schedule, today would be the day I share a slice of my life.

Here it is:  My laptop died last night. This time, for good.  I'm waiting for the TV guy to come today because all of our favorite channels are acting up.  It's unfortunate, because when I watch TV, there are only about four channels I watch, out of the 200+ we have....

Okay, my slice of life is quite boring... let's move to writing! 

Heyday 15 was unproductive. And the sad fact is that I was at home all day... Today, #16, has begun and seems to be going somewhat productively...My current word count has increased to 4,110 words.

As you can see by another background change to this site, I had trouble getting the writing in gear. After I played with designs and formats for the website, I began Chapter Two. I wrote bad, I told the story, but the exercise worked.  I managed to write three pages this morning. 

I think this is the key to moving forward. Just write something. Just write your thoughts down to get the story moving along. If you wait for it to be perfect, it won't happen.  So, I have to continually remind myself that I must write something, anything.

When you sit down at the blank screen, or page, what helps you become productive?


I like to reread what I've written to get back into the story before I start writing. Sometimes it's just the previous scene, but sometimes it's the whole chapter.

I finally hit the 10k mark. Seems like a milestone. Can't wait to hit 35k though, the midpoint.

Glad to see your word count increasing Christy. And I agree, you can always edit later. We all have too anyway.

Hope everyone else's fingers hurt from typing so much :)

Enjoy your Saturday!
Christy LaShea said…
Eva, I do the same thing. I usually have to reread the whole chapter if I've been away from the computer for several hours or a day... or longer... Glad you are progressing as well!
Lindi said…
Like Eva I like to read back through the last scene or chapter. But I've found the thing that gets me to the point of being most productive is excitement. Excitement for the story. The more excited I am, the faster I work.
I hit 11K yesterday--chapter 5 is done.
I hope I can keep up the pace next week.
Thanks for doing this, Christy.

And keep pushing forward.
Anonymous said…
There are a lot of things that might work for me when I'm trying to beat that blank page - listening to music is really good, and reviewing my short term goals/deadlines or rereading prior chapters can help too.

I'm definitely a follower of the school of 'just write what you think, you can clean it up later if it isn't perfect.' That usually helps me over writer's block, though it doesn't always mean I'm writing the story that I expected to write.
Christy LaShea said…
Yay, Lindi! You had a great day!
The day I woke up at 4am was a day I was particularly excited about the story. I wish I felt that day every day. I'm going to start praying for excitement!

Chris, Thanks for stopping by. I think it is hard to just write, especially during a blog. It's almost something we have to train ourselves to do. I need all the training I can get!

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