TTIN Challenge: HD 19

Today, I spent my day on the phone. Alot. Although I can do two things at once, I can't talk on the phone and write(the book, that is). However, my phone calls were not a loss. They are never a loss. On one call I was able to catch up with a friend far away and the other call turned out to be a good brainstorming session.

So....Nada on the word count for me today.  However, there is much to be done. There are revisions to be made and emails to be sent with the manuscript attached.

Whatever you are working on, I welcome your progress here. You never know how your motivation and what you are working on could do to encourage someone else. So keep 'em coming!

Now, here's a question... How many of you send out query letters on a regular or random basis to editors and agents?  And, for those of you that do, are you finding you are getting good responses or just a lot of "No Thank you."


Lindi said…
I had to stop working on the 'new' project. The 'old' project, which I thought was finished reared it's ugly head. I was never happy with the ending and a couple of days ago the Lord revealed how it needed to be changed.
So, I'm rewriting the end. I think this will clear up all my misgivings regarding a rushed ending.
I've written about 700 words yesterday and today. Will keep on this weekend when I can.

I hope everyone else is making progress. Eva---you're revising, right?
Missy--still racking up lots of words, I just know it.

Christy---girl you have such talent--write so the world can enjoy!!

Dianna---hope you are feeling better and getting some writing done. I know you've been under the weather for a while. I'm in need of one of our lunches.
Missy Tippens said…
Gosh, I can't believe I haven't checked in since, what, Tuesday??

Wed. 505
Thurs. 590
Friday (finally got a full day in!): 2119

I hope you all have a great weekend!
Good to read that Lindi and Missy are doing well.

Hope you feel better soon Dianna.

And Christy I love what Lindi wrote to you. Take it to heart. Better yet, post that message everywhere in your house. :)

I'm still revising. I've finished about 2/3 of the book and feel like I've come a long way. I'm itching to get the last 1/3 done.

Happy Valentine's Weekend Everyone!
Dianna Shuford said…
So glad you guys are all doing well in your writing goals. I'm still struggling to find that time. Brainstorming helped me work through some logistical problems in my thoughts so that when I do get to sit down and write, I hope to make true progress. I'm up to about 6 pages written out of my goal of 15, and I think I'm going to have to go back and make some changes to some of that.

Lindi, anytime you want to do lunch give me a call. They took most of our winter break away, but I'll still have a couple of days open that week if you're interested.

Keep pushing, Eva! You're story sounds great.

Missy- having a full day to write sounds like heaven! Definitely enjoy those times.

Christy- I'm hearing ya! It seems once we declare our intent to make progress, life rears up and attacks. Go figure.

As far as getting well, the only thing I've concluded there is...drug side effects are often worse than being sick! God has given me the will to push through and He will be glorified through this time.

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