TTIN Challenge: Days 24 & 25

I'm becoming confused on the days of my challenge which is pretty bad since it's my challenge!

My grandmother was put in the hospital on Friday as she fell and broke her hip. She's had surgery and will be moved to a rehab facility for the next few weeks while she heals. I'm sharing this, because while I visited her on Sunday in the hospital, she was coming in and out of consciousness as she had not been out of the recovery room for very long. One of her friends was visiting and Granny began talking about her mother in law, Mrs. White. Granny said that Mrs. White was afraid of storms and many times my grandmother had to go and stay with her mother in law. Later, I asked Granny why Mrs. White was afraid of storms... my writer mind was going at that point, because I knew my great-grandmother would have been alive during the time of the tornado that hit my home town.  Granny agreed that Mrs. White had been in the storm and she thought that was why she was afraid of storms.

Now, my grandmother may have been in a drug-induced state, but I believe her account about my great-grandma... It makes me wonder if researching genealogy has some purpose. For those of you who are writing historical, have you gained anything for your stories by researching your own genealogy?

By the way, my word count is still the same... actually less. I edited a few words out. Other than that, this weekend has been a blur of hospitals and housecleaning.  I hope you all doing this challenge have had better days than this...


Missy Tippens said…
Christy, we had an elderly lady in a previous church who always went into a closet when a storm hit. She was terrified!

Sorry about the word loss. I hate when that happens. Unless I'm trying to cut words for a word count. :)

I had a good day Monday! Got 2427 words. Woo hoo!

BTW, I'm still praying for your grandma.
Dianna Shuford said…
I've been praying for your grandmother, Christy. It's hard to watch loved ones struggle with physical ailments.

I did manage to write approximately 500 words tonight and put a little additional planning into how revisions should go from this point. My current word count on this new story is currently 3,095. Like you, I've not made much progress, but some is better than none.
Missy Tippens said…
Let me add Tuesday's count before I forget. Another good day! And I'm having fun with little details and ideas that keep hitting.

Tuesday: 2180

I had a little more time--was working while at my son's tennis lesson. But I was just brain tired by then. Was afraid I wasn't making good plot decisions anymore. So I'll start again fresh tomorrow. :)
Christy LaShea said…
Thanks for your prayers, ladies!

The word loss was fine. It was tightening the piece and were words I didn't need. I write very wordy the first time around.

Great job Dianna! I know how hard it is to make time to write.

Yay, Missy! You exceeded your daily goal!
Lindi said…
Hi ladies,

Well I've made pretty much no progress. I've been sick--the crud--and not getting anything done, actually. I haven't been to work either but for a half a day.
Feeling a little better this morning. Hope to be on track tomorrow morning.
Missy---you're rocking it girl! Keep it up.

Dianna--yeah--writing and plotting--you are moving forward.

Christy--I'm still praying for your grandma as well. When things get settled you'll be back at it. And I'm the opposite of you. I write very lean the first time. Very lean.
Missy Tippens said…
Checking in for Wed.-Sat. before I forget!

wed. 2675
Thurs. 1823
Fri.none (was out all day)
Sat. 1000 on the nose! How likely is that?? :)
Missy Tippens said…
Sunday (don't usually work but my characters we calling me!): 697
Monday: 1603

Hope everyone else is doing well!
Hi Christy, so sorry to hear about your grandmother! I hope she adjusts well to rehab. How is she doing this week?

Missy, your word count always seems steady and really good!

Lindi, I can relate to being ill. My husband and daughter got sick and I was still shocked that I came down with a cold too. But, I'm hopefully getting better now. Hope you are too!

Dianna, I agree, a little goes a long way. Keep at it! :)

I am in my final read through before I send my ms off. I didn't know how well my brain would work through a fever, but I think it stayed in tact. lol

Happy writing everyone!
Missy Tippens said…
Oh, how exciting, Eva Maria!! Best of luck with your submission!!
Jason H-M said…
Thanks Missy! I sent it out tonight! Whew! :)
lol - that was me who posted as my husband Jason - sorry :)
Christy LaShea said…
Thanks for continuing the challenge! I'll be putting up a new post for our ongoing challenge soon!

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