TTIN Challenge: Days 20-23 Link to the article: "Untangling the Waiting"

Hi all!  I've been quiet on the blog front, but I've been working... Today, I finally finished Chapter 1 of my historical. I reworked the scenes onemoretime to get them to a point where I think I can move on to the next chapter. I also had to begin working my 6-page synopsis down to a one page for future contest entries.  As I type this, I realize how slow this is going. But as we all know, life happens and just the mere accomplishment of writing anything, writing something, is better than nothing at all.

I ran across an article I thought would be very helpful for all of us still working toward publication.  
Untangling the Waiting by Ronie Kendig

My current total word count is 4,422.... That's only 75,578 words to go to reach completion!


Glad to see you making progress Christy. And no matter how slow it feels like you're going, it's still progress. Good for you!

I am editing the last third of my manuscript. This is the hard part, because I have to rework most of it so i expect it to go slow. But, the further I get into it, the better I feel about the ms. Amazing how daunting of a task it felt at first and how I feel like I just need to spend the hours on it and it will turn out great. I think the book is turning out to be what the editor wants and that keeps me going along happily. Can't wait to be done with it though and breath that sigh a relief. Then I guess the nervous anticipation will start as I wait for the editor's response. I'm looking forward to that part though :)

Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!

I'll be postponing the celebration since my husband's sick and so is my daughter. And now I think I may be coming down with something... it's always something isn't it.
Missy Tippens said…
Oh, Eva, I hope you all get well soon!! And that you can keep up the good work on revising! it's so nice to work with an editor. I love watching a book take shape. :)

Christy, keep up the good work! you'll hit that 75k before you know it. :)

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