TTIN Challenge: Heydays 6 & 7 *** AND A CHANCE TO WIN A FREE BOOK!

Over the weekend I managed to complete a synopsis for my historical. Now, I need to go back and write the chapters according to the synopsis. I ran out of time this morning.

Our newest goal and giveaway is this:  The person to reach 5,000 words by February 1 will win the book I just reviewed yesterday - Digitalis by Ronie Kendig. You'll get your very own, brand new copy - cause I'm not giving my copy away - it's too good to be without!

What this means is you need to keep checking in with me and letting me know of your progress! 5k is doable! We just have to stay focused and keep writing!


Hi Christy,
my word count right now is 5345 (minus about 50 words for notes). But, I am probably going to have a junk food week - aka - I just got a rejection on a proposal with a blanket statement that said my "writing wasn't strong enough". I don't find that to be useful feedback. Sorry for complaining, but constructive criticism is usable, that statement just isn't. Hope everyone else is doing much better in their writing!
Dianna Shuford said…
Eva, don't let that rejection get you down. We've all been there. Keep in mind you are one rejection closer to finding the right publishing house. Do you have a critique partner who can read your pages and help you pinpoint areas that need to be worked on? My crit partner is invaluable to me. (**wink to Christy**)

Christy, I'll try to play, but I'll probably only be able to post word counts on the week-end. I'll have to let you know. If all I write is 100 words, that's 100 closer to The End. (How do you like all them "to be" verbs?)
Christy LaShea said…
Thank you Dianna! You are invaluable to me too!

Eva, bring your complaints, they are welcome here! We aren't going to bash anyone, but getting rejected hurts. I know, I've received several in 2010 in one form or another - writing and non-writing related. Have your junk food week. I've had a month of it, actually... maybe more if I'm being completely honest. And I'll tell you, it took me a while to get past the rejection. Am I completely past it? I'm not sure. I doubt myself all the time. This business is very subjective as I'm sure you know. My rejection was very similar to yours in that it stated the writing was not strong enough. It has taken me months to pick myself up and get started again. Another reason I'm back with a new challenge. I need to keep pushing forward and I need the support from my friends.

So again, you may complain on this blog at any time....
Thanks for the support Dianna and Christy!

Dianna, I don't have a critique partner, but I did enter a couple of contests last year that helped me pinpoint some areas that I've worked on. I guess I'm just disappointed that this rejection didn't give more detail. And I'm glad that you and Christy work so well together. That is a true blessing :)

Christy, thanks for giving me an outlet :) Now I have to decide to keep going with my current book or switch to one of two ideas that are fighting for dominance in my head. I'll let you know as soon as I do :)

Again, thanks for the encouragement. Hope I can return the favor someday - although hopefully not from a rejection, I'd rather celebrate a contract! :)
Missy Tippens said…
Hang in there, Eva Maria. I've heard those same words about not being strong enough. And also that my characters were cardboard. And also that my writing didn't have that certain sparkle. (these were all on agent or editor rejections.)

Don't let it get you discouraged. Also, I've found that until an editor is close to wanting to buy something, they don't usually give feedback. I've had a few form rejection letters that just said Dear Author (and no name). It' so, so painful!

So just know you're not alone. And if you do get feedback from an editor or agent, then consider that another step closer to a sale.
Missy Tippens said…
Now, my word count. This has been an atypical week with less time to work. Count for yesterday, 650 words because I also worked on a presentation I did last night at a meeting. Today, 1320. Almost made my count for today.
Thanks for the encouragement Missy! It is so great to know that I am in good company. :) I don't know how anyone would go through this without the support of knowing people who have been through the same thing? Glad I don't have to test that out. :) And I bet next time you write in on your word count you will blow us all away with how many you've written! Until then, good luck everyone!

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