TTIN Challenge; Heydays 3 & 4

I'm so glad that Missy and Lindi have been pushing through these last couple of days and making lots of progress on their stories. Congratulations! And thanks for posting back on Heyday 2... I've gotten behind on my own posts.

I managed to reproduce another few pages of my historical... parts I had already written and tried to improve... to send to my critique partner for her review. Next Tuesday is a deadline for my local ACFW Chapter. The deal is you turn in 15 pages and a one page synopsis for the workshop, basically what you will turn in for Genesis. A published author will critique it and give you face to face feedback at the actual workshop in February. I don't know if I'll have 15 pages ready. It's okay if I don't, but it would be nice to have someone different look at the story and the writing and get the feedback.

How do you work? Do you write to target contests and look for that feedback, or do you write the whole book, then plan to submit?


Hi Christy,
your ACFW chapter meeting sounds helpful. Good luck with that.

I am on target, somewhere around 5000 words. I am writing the whole book.

Hope everyone is having as much fun writing as I am! Have a great weekend!
Lindi said…
I am finished with the first chapter of a new story, but am diverting from my normal process in that I'm doing a "little" planning before writing the second chapter. I've found things I need to change, and it's been helpful.
Next week, maybe write chapter 2.

Yay for Eva!! I am having fun writing!

And Christy, we missed you at GRW today. Get those 15 pages ready. You can do it. You have a great story idea.

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