TTIN Challenge: Heyday 2

This will be quick. No staying up late last night. No early rising today. I threw out a question related to one of my stories to my writing and network community and have received some responses. So, I guess I can consider the hour I've been online has gone to research. It means I will need to rewrite & edit the first 3 pages I mentioned and continue to push forward.

Okay, your turn. How good or bad has your writing day been?


I had a good start yesterday, it was a lot of fun meeting my characters. I can't wait to get back to it later.

Keep going Christy!

And hope everyone accomplishes what they need to!
Christy LaShea said…
Great, Eva! I interviewed a coworker about an experience she had that was similar to something I'm writing. I quickly jotted down notes so I wouldn't forget. I'm glad you're having fun with your story. I love it when I look forward to writing it.
Good research Christy! I wish I could talk to someone from 1750 Scotland, I'd prefer that to textbooks :)

I liked the writing tip on your blog today:
"Instead of beating a path to the mailbox looking for the editor to respond, begin other projects and get more writing into the market." - So true :)

Good luck with your writing!
Missy Tippens said…
Didn't get any done on Tuesday. Took care of business stuff like registering for RWA, blog post, blah, blah, blah. :) Also had a funeral to attend.

Wednesday: 1086 words. Not as many as I wanted, but close. And I'm excited about what's happening.

Eva, I love discovering characters, too!
Christy LaShea said…
Missy, You did so well the other day that it will even itself out.

Eva, I agree with that writing tip and it's a tough lesson to learn.
Missy Tippens said…
I'm checking in here since I'm not sure what you usually do, Christy! :) Should I wait for the next Heyday??

Anyway, Thursdays are usually days where I don't get much writing done. So I was pleased to get 620 words written.
Lindi said…
I've started a new story! It's Thursday and I have approx 1900 words.

Congrats to the research you've been able to do.
Eva, it would be fun to talk to someone from 1750 Scotland. I just read Outlander--loved that book!
Missy, keep pushing forward. Great progress so far.
Missy Tippens said…
1812 words for Friday thanks to an idea Lindi gave me (based on her own experience with her dog! LOL)

Now i can go celebrate my b-day knowing I've finished my work for the day. :)

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