TTIN Challenge: Heyday 5

Today I've been at home nursing two sick kiddos. My youngest has an ear infection and fever. My oldest can't keep anything on her stomach and has been laying around with a fever. Before all of this began, my laptop crapped out and while it is operable, it runs slower than a nursing home-sponsored potato sack race and gives me the blue screen of death each time I power it on.

With meds for my dear little ones and with some convincing to hubby that I'll need a new laptop this year(or at least a new hard drive) all of this will work itself out.

My story however, will take much more effort from me to get it going. Right now, it's still stuck in the ice we had a couple of weeks back sliding back and forth.

But my critique partner and I did brainstorm tonight and before that, I'd actually pulled the document up on the computer to try and decipher some of what I'd written.

The problem with "story" is if you don't know where the story is going, you won't know the proper place to begin. I know where my historical set in 1936 will go and where it will end. It's the mechanics of that engine that I haven't mastered yet. And what I thought were pretty, shiny parts to put it in drive, I realized they may be shiny, but they are boring. My CP helped me grease up some of those joints.

If you could, please record your current word count. I'm thinking we need an incentive to keep us going toward our goal. You provide your word count, I'll work on that incentive. Thanks & keep pushing forward!


Christy LaShea said…
I have 1,343 words but the total is not completely true because it does include comments for changes I need to make. I need a little over 4,000 to have 15 pages.
Edwina said…
I wrote 0 words on my manuscript. I did write two devotions and two book reviews.
Christy LaShea said…
Hey, Edwina! Glad you're back. Sometimes, the blog is a warm up for me before I write on the manuscript. Sometimes, I write here and none at all on the story. But I'm the only one that's going to pull that story together, as you are the only one to pull your story together for you. Are you writing the non-fiction or is this fiction? I'm wondering what could be holding you back?
Lindi said…
I wrote 2465 last week.
And you can do it---you'll have those 4K words before you know it.
Dianna Shuford said…
Well, I can't give you a total word count because I began this story 3 years ago, and what I have needs to be rewritten. But I did write almost 300 words tonight on a scene that I hope will start the story off with a big bang of tension. I mapped out 2 scene components and 2 sequel components. I have worked on the story through two tv movies so I guess that means I've worked for 4 hours?
Christy LaShea said…
Yay, Lindi! And thank you!

YAY, Dianna! I know how hard it is has been for you to get motivated again! I worked through a movie on Sunday too!
Missy Tippens said…
I only got 900 new words today. But I only had 3-1/2 hours of sleep, so I'm not exactly in top form!

Also, I took sat. and Sunday off, so I don't have any new words to report for the weekend.

Tomorrow should be a good work day! I plan to hit at least 2k words.

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