Rainy Sunday

And if you're anywhere near Georgia, you know we welcome rain! It rained for most of the afternoon and as midnight draws closer, I can hear it pouring down the gutters. Thank You, Jesus!

While we're celebrating, I thought I'd share another video clip of the Casting Crowns concert I went to.

(I was going to share a clip of the CC ladies tearing up the stage with one of the best songs from their album Casting Crowns: "Praise You with the Dance," but I could hear myself singing along and I couldn't do that to you.)

So here's an equally great song - "The Voice of Truth." Look close. On stage artist Mark Evans (not sure if this spelling is accurate or if this is the correct name - correct me if I'm wrong!) is painting. Man, that painting was too cool and he completed it while the song was playing. You should've been there...


Great video clips. I know you had an awesome time. I love being around that many people worshiping God. It's like you are literally surrounded by love.
I wish I could have been there!
Mindy Obenhaus said…
I noticed you captured them singing my mantra. I love the voice of truth. Both the song and the voice :-)

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