Good Grief! - It's Billy's latest toy

It's a 16' x 15' pool, inflated by a motorized blower. The water hose hooks to it and then water squirts out from everywhere! The Banzai Sidewinder slide, or whatever it's called, is TEN and A HALF FEET TALL!!!

Honey Hubby says it's for our two-year old daughter, Downey. But he and I have had more fun on it than she has!


Anonymous said…
Christy, May I please come and play ?? Im the BEST babysitter in the world !! You and hubby could even go out, just keep the hose on !!! PLEASE ?????
Cousin Wendy
Mindy Obenhaus said…
Ooo, I want to come to your house and play. That thing looks like fun. It's always good to have kids to blame the stuff you buy on :-)
Anonymous said…
Christy, PLEASE ?????????????????????
Who would've thought this huge thing would get me a babysitting offer? Come on down Wendy! Stop by and get Lindi on your way down.

And Yep, Mindy, We're learning pretty fast, that whole buying stuff "for the baby" idea!

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