#AtoZChallenge - "D" - A "Divine" New Product

I hope this post will count toward the A to Z April Challenge.

Like many people, I like pretty things. When I saw this product for April, I thought "This is Divine!"

Divine is Mother's Day - Scentsy's new warmer for April. And, add a new scent to your collection! This month's scent is "Cerise."

The warmer is a soft purple hue.

Pale and shimmery, the warmer is a fine backdrop for the jeweled center.

Just enough bling for the Mom, Sister, Aunt, Grandmother or any lady who likes very feminine things.

I love the smell of cherry blossom and Cerise has that gentle scent, paired with plums and white flowers. Check out this cute video promo Scentsy crafted for this month's scent.

Visit my website to learn more about Scentsy's "Divine" products.


Alana said…
Totally counts! Anything counts if you want it to! Divine starts with D so it works. :)

Best of luck with the rest of the challenge!

Alana @ writercize.blogspot.com
Found you through A to Z!
baygirl32 said…
I co-worker of mine just started selling scentsy - the scents are divine

happy A to Z
KarenG said…
I love Scentsy! My two sisters are directors and one of them invited me to the Dominican Republic trip in June. I am more than excited!

Nice to meet you, and I hope you are enjoying the Challenge!

A to Z Challenge Host
Laura Marcella said…
I have a friend who sells Scentsy! Great gift ideas for sure. Nice to meet you, Christy, and happy A to Z!!

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