#AtoZChallenge "B" - Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my birthday so a few days before, my co-workers gave me a cake... It was so sweet of them to do that. I hadn't expected it, but really appreciated it. They bought the cake from Publix and it was Publix "Buttercream" icing.

If you are familiar with Publix stores, and have had their buttercream, it's really a more whipped icing than what I feel is a true buttercream. If I did a taste test with my eyes closed, I wouldn't describe Publix icing as anything close to buttercream.

I've had cakes from bakeries, made them from scratch and everyone else's buttercream icing is thicker and richer. However, I LOVE sweets and can eat just about any kind of icing.

If someone was going to make you a birthday cake, what kind would it be?


Lindi said…
Christy--happy belated birthday!
I love Publix cakes...may fav is chocolate cake with strawberry filling.
I have odd food allergies so . . . I usually make my own cake and if someone made it for me it would be Gluten free, corn free, egg-free chocolate with chocolate icing . . . or if I could just digest anything it would be chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
Stephsco said…
I personally like the whipped frosting over heavier buttercream - you're right, they aren't the same. My husband's birthday was this week and I made a cake and he had one from his family. My husband barely likes cake so guess who's taking it out piece by piece?

Good luck with the A to Z challenge!
Cindy Dwyer said…
Carvel ice cream cake is my favorite, to be honest.

So funny, my A post was about airports too!
Shelley said…
My goodness, the airport theme is more prevalant than I thought!

Happy birthday! I'm a sucker for a store-bought cake, vanilla, white icing, custard filling. Actually, my favourite? Betty Crocker Boston Cream Pie.
Anonymous said…
Happy belated Birthday! My birthday is coming up, so I think I'd want some kind of cheesecake.


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