Z - Zipped

The A-Z blogging challenge really "zipped" by and today is the last day. I had a lot of fun on the days I actually posted something that corresponded to the day's word. I appreciate my friends Lindi and Missy bringing some awesome posts during this time as well. I am also excited about everyone who has visited the blog and said hello! It's always great to meet new blogging buddies.

There is still time to leave a comment for Missy's book A Family for Faith. I'll announce the winner on Thursday. And on Friday, another FAITH blog sister, the multi-talented Angela Breidenbach will be right here on this blog talking about how she keeps her busy self organized! She'll also be giving away her new book Gems of Wisdom. Please come back and see us and leave a comment for your chance to win.

I may have to revisit the A-Z blog challenge from time to time as I would think of something cool to write about a certain letter the day after the letter premiered. That's the way my mind works. Sometimes it gets overloaded and is "zipped" shut.

Have a happy Tuesday!


Joanne said…
I like your blog. very sweet! Blessings, Joanne
Bob Sanchez said…
Z already? Congratulations!
Wanda said…
Wow, you zipped things up early. Congrats to you. I have done good just to keep up with the days posting.
Title Loans said…
It's great that you stuck through it, too. A lot of people couldn't make it the whole month! What was your premise behind staying with it? (Besides challenging your mind to come up with clever things?)

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