L - Lindi Peterson

Ok, I'm back on the A-Z blogging challenge train and today's letter is L.

And, I'm so excited to tell you to tune back in to this blog on Friday, April 15th when my good friend and newly published author, Lindi Peterson will be here!

Come back every day, but especially on Friday to chat, leave a comment and be entered to win her debut novel, Her Best Catch.

Read more about Lindi on her website.


Lindi said…
Christy--Thanks for this mention. And yes, I'll be here Friday. Can't wait.
nutschell said…
I'll certainly drop by on friday. great meeting you through the a-z!
Stopping by from the A-Z challenge "train." Your blog seems like a fantastic resource for aspiring writers. I really like your "author spotlight" segment. I'll be stopping by to read your interview!
Dianna Shuford said…
I'll see you then, Lindi!

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