Book Review: When Sparrows Fall by Meg Moseley

Well, I've joined this A-Z blogging challenge. Already, I've rebelled against the rules as each day were are to blog for each letter of the alphabet - meaning the topic will start with the letter of the alphabet for whatever day we're on. Today is B.  Today, B is for Book Review! Okay, maybe I am following the rules after all...

When Sparrows Fall. Debut novel from Meg Moseley.

What a book. I won't spoil this, but I was very worried the book would end sad. I mean, we have a mom and six kids. Miranda, our main character, is faced with a serious choice early on. I couldn't imagine how this story could turn out good.

Her children are very responsible for their age. For instance, Miranda's 10-year old daughter can prepare meals and helps look after her younger siblings. After Miranda receives news from her pastor that he is requesting everyone to move out of state, Miranda begins a serious fast and prayer time. Unfortunately, she tends to faint and does just that.... She takes a fall down a nearby cliff - and the children's Uncle Jack is summoned by Miranda's oldest son, Timothy, to come, and serve as their temporary guardian.

I couldn't help but love Jack. A typical guy in many ways. Christian, but loose. Not lukewarm in his beliefs, but I'd say the character is "real." I chuckled at how he would tease Miranda about her use of herbs, herbal teas, this-that-and other to help calm her nerves, to help her feel better, while Jack was sitting there with a swig of Scotch. What was the difference, he would ask her.

Not to say this is a book that promotes drinking. Not one bit. The book explores our relationship with God. This scene I'm speaking of was on the porch. This porch scene was just a bit of comic relief to an otherwise serious story.

The book looks seriously, though fictionally, at a relationship with God. While the church Miranda was a part of had to dress and act a certain way, it was completely smothering. Through Christ we are not to be smothered, but to be free. So many people don't "get it" when they view Christianity. They think it's a bunch of hard rules and do's and don'ts. The fact is God loves us no matter what we've done in the past. And when you learn about why He created us, you want to live a different way, because you want to please Him. Although, He doesn't ask that of us, but when you learn why Christ went to the cross, you want to do all you can to tell others about him and share the salvation that is so easily offered by the blood of Christ.

I know, I went off on a tangent. When Sparrows Fall is a satisfying story of rules, of rights, of wrongs. It's about wolves in sheep's clothing. It's about overcoming it all and living free in Christ.

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About the Author:
Meg Moseley is a Californian at heart although she’s lived more than half her life in other states.

She formerly wrote human-interest columns for a suburban section of the Atlanta Journal- Constitution, and home schooled for over twenty years.

Meg enjoys books, travel, gardening, her three grown children, and motorcycle rides with her husband Jon. They make their home in northern Georgia.


Christy LaShea said…
OH, I re-read my post and I must clarify something! The book is very satisfying! It made me smile when I turned to the last page... although I didn't want it to end. Miranda and Jack's characters are still very much alive in my mind.
baygirl32 said…
I'm working my way through the A to Z challenge, and wanted to stop by and say hello
Just stopped by from the A-Z Challenge!!
Hmmm, looks like a book I need to get a copy off. Thanks for the review. Hope to see you later in the challenge.
karenk said…
another fabulous posting :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

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