Book Giveaway and My Review of Diva NashVegas by Rachel Hauck

I started Diva NashVegas with the CFBA blog tour in June. And wouldn’t you know it, Life Happened. After reading only the first couple of chapters, I had to put it down. Yet early on I felt a connection with fictitious superstar Aubrey James – First chapter, she faints on stage (I’m a fainter, at work, school, but not on stage in front of thousands of fans – Thank God!)

So, I knew I had to come back to this story.

But I’ll be honest. I have a hard time getting into 1st person narratives. This is how this book is laid out.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t leave this book, which had piqued my curiosity, unfinished.

First of all, the design of the book is cool. Each chapter opens with a blurb about the superstar we’re stepping into the life of. Which I’ve always thought would be neat, being a superstar for a day

~ Picture Molly Shannon’s Superstar and that’s probably how I’d be.

Anyway, it took me a minute to get used to the style of the book. 1st person POV aside... let me elaborate, I’ve got a superstar country singer who lives with her fiancee – and this is Christian fiction?


But I’m not a supporter of living together before marriage ~ though many people in this day and age are. I’m just excited that someone – and her publisher is willing - is writing about a character that reflects REAL LIFE.

You may be saying - Christy, there are lot's of CBA books that address this and other issues like this.
Really? I'll say. Then, I'll nod my head. Okay, reading wise, I must get out more.

I won’t summarize the book. But I will tell you I enjoyed it. I will tell you my favorite scene is Scott teaching Aubrey to drive in Scott’s dad’s old Jeep. A riot! You’ll have to read the book to know what I’m talking about.

Then I discovered
Rachel Hauck’s blog – where she talks about writing Diva NashVegas. Good writerly information. I was really interested on how much research she had to do to make this story so real. And to me, a wannabe, that’s what this story was. It felt real and that’s our job as authors.
Well done, Rachel. I’m adding your previous books to my “To be read” list and will look forward to your next one!
P.S. - I mentioned something up there about you reading this book. Well, here's your chance. I'm giving this book away. Running a little contest this weekend. Will you please leave me a comment to enter?
I'll draw one lucky winner on Monday July 9.


Anonymous said…
Hi, Christy! Just dropping by to say "Hi" and toss my hat into the rink to win Diva Nash Vegas!

Have a great weekend!!

Julie Eller
Hi Julie! Glad you came by and Good luck! This is a fun book!
HI Christy,

The book sounds great! Toss my name in too.
I did get your email about this, but works been crazy and I've only had time to hit the reply button when it's work related...(Don't want to get caught at work emailing personal stuff, you know?) and I"ve gotten home after 10 every night this week, so needless to say I haven't been on email at home.
But it's Saturday, I"m off and would love to read this book.
Liz Morey said…
Sounds like a great book. Please add my name to the drawing as well.
Mindy Obenhaus said…
Have I told you how much I've been wanting to read this book. I've really been wanting to read this book :-)
Missy Tippens said…
Enter me! The title has caught my eye every time I've seen it written somewhere. So I'd love to read it.

Hi Lindi, Liz, Mindy and Missy! So glad y'all stopped by. Good luck!

Today's the last day to enter!

Winner drawn tomorrow!

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