Scentsy Launch Party!!!!

If you are reading this post, you have either already gotten up super early to take advantage of the great deals because it is Black Friday, or, you aren't going out to the malls or any retail establishments today because you refuse to fight the crowds!

Thank the Lord for the Internet! Great deals available here, too!

I'm at home today, planning to get some organizing done and hang out with my little guy as my daughter is with grandma.

I'm also celebrating the launch of my Scentsy business!

Yes, yes, I'm still writing.

Yes, I'm still working my 9-5 job.

But a while back I was introduced to Scentsy wickless candles.

The Scentsy system is where you have a warmer that is a beautiful piece of pottery as you see in the photo to the right. You plug the warmer into a near by electric socket which lights a low-watt bulb. At the top of the warmer is where you put your wax. The scented wax heats and as it heats, puts out the most magnificent aroma. There are over 80 scents to choose from. The variety of scents is from clean scents to woodsy to masculine scents.

I love candles, but with young children, accidents happen. Sometimes, we adults are accident prone. The thing I like about Scentsy wickless candles is that the wax doesn't get too hot to touch. Even while the warmer is plugged in and the scent is being produced, I can still dip my finger into the wax. It feels like warm bath water. So, if my child accidentally knocks the warmer over, he won't get burned.

 Also, using wickless candles doesn't blow black soot into your home like standard candles.

 This is a picture of Scentsy's Silent Night plug in. These are just darling! Great to plug in a bathroom, for example. But you can plug them anywhere!

I love this product because you have a nice scent for the room plus a night light.

I had to share some of our Christmas products with the Silent Night Plug in shown above and the Gingerbread Full Size Warmer as shown to the right.

These are a fun way to decorate your house. Also, they're great as gifts! With Christmas coming, you'll need to buy for family members, friends, teachers, coaches. Why not by them a Scentsy System!?

Scentsy has a product for everyone. On the left, this is our Anti-bacterial Fragrance Foam. Black Raspberry Vanilla is one of my favorites, and a part of my personal collection.

Scentsy also has scent circles - I like to put these in my car. I also have one hanging in my children's room. The circle comes in purple as shown above, and has been dipped in the fragrant wax. It doesn't overpower the room or the car.
Above, I'm showing you a Combine and Save pack. Scentsy has some great deals with Combine and Save which was one deal I took part in when I made my first purchases. Here, you will get a Premium Full Size Warmer, a Full Size Warmer and 6 Scentsy Bars of your choice. In this combination, you are saving $15!

My launch party is going on now, on my Scentsy website. I'd love it if you did some of your Christmas shopping through my Scentsy Website and here's a link to the Fall/Winter Scentsy Catalog.

Visit me at the FAITH Blog where I'm giving away a free gift!


Joanne said…
Lately I have become very sentitive to candles I wonder if the wickless ones would be any better? These look so pretty. I love it when theres is a light beautiful scent in the air!
Blessings, Joanne
Christy LaShea said…
Hi Joanne!
I would hope you could use Scentsy Wickless Candles. There is the absence of smoke. If that is the reason you are sensitive to candles, then Scentsy is probably the answer for you.

Be sure to stop by FAITH. I'm collecting any commenters on that blog and three will be sent the Scentsy Circle. I don't want you to miss out.

Thanks for your interest! Let me know if I can help further!

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