Keep Me Accountable - A Dozen Days/NaNoWriMo

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This is day 12 in one dozen days of Nanowrimo and I am at a little over 18,000 words.  Would you believe, I'm finding the "writing" part to be the hardest?  Am I not a writer? Isn't this what we live for?

I suppose, but I found plotting the story to be much easier.

This is tough. I'm trying to tell myself that nothing worth having is ever easy. I'm reminding myself that this is what published authors face... Deadlines. Writing from a proposal. Adhering to the main idea/premise.

I'm telling myself that one day I will have a contract and a "real" deadline will be looming for me and I will have to produce.

As always, this experience forces me to learn new things about myself and my processes.

For instance, I'm realizing I should have nailed the Goal-Motivation-Conflict for each character better before I started the draft. I am using Christopher Vogler's The Hero's Journey as a guide and it has helped me see the story's arc, but, I'm needing to revisit the whys and hows of my characters. It would be much easier to stop and do a GMC chart, but I'm forcing myself to write, write, write and worry about charts and graphs in the revision process that will start in December.

So, this has been all about me... how are you doing? What challenges have you faced this week?


Dianna Shuford said…
Keep pushing, Christy. Every story has layers so having to revisit some points is not a bad thing. Starting with the overall picture will keep you focused while you whittle away at the details.

You're doing an awesome job!

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