Fear Not, part II

As I said earlier this week, I was inspired by an article in the September 2011 issue of Writer's Digest.

This is the Big 10 Issue and the article is 10 Ways to Harness Fear and Fuel Your Writing by Sage Cohen.

Point #2 tells us to "Acknowledge Your Fears Without Putting Them In Charge."


This is a tough one. Initially, I didn't recognize what was holding me back as fear. I have to remind myself daily that I am afraid of failing. Last year, I happily submitted my manuscript to 2 agents and an editor. One Agent I still have not heard from - whether yes or no - and it has been almost a year since the manuscript was submitted. The first agent rejected the manuscript within a few weeks. As did the editor. The editors comments were helpful and disturbing. What she noted as problem areas, were places I thought I excelled in.

Just recently, and this article helped me realize what was happening to me, I realized I had been stuck in a mode of fear for a year. I was floundering. I wasn't writing, wasn't editing.

This experience with rejection was my confirmation that nothing is a sure thing.

I considered not writing. What would I do? There are plenty of hobbies I could explore...

But my passion for them wasn't there. I have stories to be told. Whether they are ever published or not.

I'm still working my way out of the pain of being rejected. It hurts, but I have to remain focused that the story that was rejected just wasn't right for those houses. There is a place for it. There will be a place for one of the stories I'm working on.


And I do believe in God's timing. It's just hard to be a patient child sometimes.

So I leave you with a scripture that will help you, as it helps me each day.

Isaiah 41:10..........Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand,


A great verse for all of us. May God bless you and may you feel/know His presence as you wait upon Him.
Joanne said…
Love Love Love that verse!
I'm trying to keep on track and hopefully one day It'll happen. I hope you hear soon about your MS. Good luck!
Blessings, Joanne
Christy LaShea said…
Thanks for your blessings and well wishes, ladies! I pray the same for both of you!

I love this verse, too.
Tami Brothers said…
This is an awesome post, Christy. I had not read that article, but will go back and try to find it.

I have this happen a lot. It's not fun AND it's not easy to stop. I am definitely needing to learn how to handle this if I want to move forward at more than a snails pace.

Thanks for a great post.

Christy LaShea said…
Tami, I know what you mean! I know you have family, work and for a time were working on school! I don't know how you ever managed to write. We need to start finding ways to keep each other accountable.

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