Keep Me Accountable - Days 30++

Just a quick note today... I have not forgotten to announce the winner of my writing challenge, Keep Me Accountable. Please check back with me this Saturday and it will be announced along with what you've won!!

I have started revising the book, praying that will help me find the chunk of story I couldn't pull together this weekend.

Thank you Rebecca, for pointing out reaching "The End" was my goal and that I did reach it!

I am going to continue to post daily about my progress. The next step is the final revisions (notice I said that with a plural!) and the final accomplishment is getting the book mailed. I'm planning to set a whole new date for that and will probably give away a prize for those of you who continue to keep me accountable.

I've been cutting words again, tightening sentences, and hopefully making the story the best it can be... my current word count is... 53,995.

Have any of you reached your goals? Are you starting any new ones?


Revision--where the story really happens!! You can do it, Christy. I really do like revising. (I should--I spend so much time at it!)
Keep going, girl!
Dianna Shuford said…
You're so amazing, Christy, you can do it! I'll keep harassing you to make sure you do. If nothing else, you'll get done just so I'll leave you alone. LOL!

Anyway, I've made pencil revisions the last two days, but I've had no time to sit down and put them into the computer. I hope to be able to get that done today.
Christy LaShea said…
Lindi, I guess I like revising too as I feel like I spend all my time doing that!

Way to go on the pencil revisions, Dianna!

I haven't gotten anything done in the last two days. Gotta get back to work!
Rebecca Lynn said…
I still haven't gotten anything done in May. Yikes... I need to get to work! Maybe I need to set some goals for May. I was so productive along with you in April... :-)

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