Get This Story Out - Day 1

Christy here and I'm posing a new challenge to all of my fellow writers.

My book may be finished, but it's not ready to be submitted yet. I need to quickly work through the rest of it to see that I get this book mailed by July 1. That means, I'll be revising, revising, revising!

I have been working but not as steadily as I would like. Over the last several weeks, I have made revisions up to Chapter 7. That's about a quarter of the way through the book. Do you think I can do it? Is my critique partner up to the challenge to read the pieces I send back to her and return them in an efficient manner?

It will be another challenge, but fun, I promise.

Are you working to get your manuscript ready for a contest?

Remember the Georgia Romance Writers Unpublished Maggie Contest DEADLINE is JUNE 5. Click above to  be taken to the website to learn more and enter.

Check back with me daily and leave a comment as to your progress and where you want to be at July 1. We'll work together to achieve our goals.

For this challenge, whoever reaches their STATED goal - has to be stated here on AT SPLIT ENDS - will win a gift card to an office supply store from me. That means, ALL OF YOU could win!


Christy LaShea said…
Oh, and I have to add this, I totally borrowed this challenge title from an existing email loop I share with 2 of my best writing buds, Lindi and Dianna.

So before they point that out to me, I just had to get that word in, LOL!

AND _ I may be pushing myself to get a different manuscript revised and entered into the MAGGIES myself. I dont know... we'll see how much work it requires ;)
Andrea said…
Blessings and prayers,
Rebecca Lynn said…
Ooooh. You know how I love accountability months. :-)

I'll have to think about what I want to get done and come back to you. I'm looking forward to getting lots more done! :-)
Dianna Shuford said…
Ooooh, Christy, you are cruel, girl! Not just us keeping you accountable, but you keeping us accountable too? **deep breath** Okay, I'm in.

My goal is to have my current WIP in revised, submission-ready form by the end of the summer. That means, by August 1 before the next school year begins, I'll be able to send it out if requested. I'm almost through Act I revisions, but I've got to push on.

As far as reading your stuff in a timely manner? Well, I'll try. You know how I am, but I'll work on my flaws of getting snagged on the details.
Rebecca Lynn said…
Okay, here's my stated goal. By July 1st, I want to have my Genesis-finaling MS completed and polished, ready to send out. I also want to have my ancient historical completed and polished.

They're both in the midst of writing and revising right now, and I need to just focus on them one at a time and get them finished and ready to submit.

Okay, here we go! :-)
Lindi Peterson said…
Hi Christy,
I put a comment on here a couple of days ago, but it didn't show up. I'm trying to decide between working on a ms I almost have finished or working on a sequel to the book I sold. Hmmm...I will decide and get back to you. I'll need to pray about it.I do have an idea for a sequel and have written a few pages.
So I'll let you know.

Thanks for posting this accountibility challenge. It really gets me going.

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