Keep Me Accountable - Day 3

As I keep my chin up and face day 3, I'm seeing it with bleary eyes. The coffee maker is caput.



On Strike.

I woke up this morning at 3:30 cheery. I fed the baby. After I laid him down, I practically skipped into the kitchen because I was going to get some writing done this morning. But first, I needed my coffee.

Argh! No Coffee!

This orange juice may be good for me, but it just doesn't pack the same punch that good ole cup of Joe does.

Yesterday, I took my laptop with me to work and got some additional editing done. I find I do better with writing if I can back up into the previous scene and read, which gets me back into the correct thoughts and reminds me where I was going.

I did figure out what I had done a few days ago to lose the word count. I axed a love scene that came too soon. For all of those who love romance, I know this may sound ridiculous. But when writing for the inspirational market, there are many things to consider before you introduce that first kissing scene or the characters declare their love for each other.

My scene came too soon because the characters were not ready. There were things both the hero and heroine needed to address before I could bring them to that pinnacle. A kiss may be just a kiss, but speaking words of love need to be well thought through. Some writers choose not to allow their characters to make those types of declarations until the last scene.

If you're reading secular romance, then you can throw what I'm saying out the window. Those stories are completely separate from what I'm talking about and the love scenes come much earlier in the book.

Last night, I came home from work a little tired, but with enough energy to accomplish something. That something ended up being a project my husband was completing and had to complete yesterday. I was already committed to this and have been for some time. No choice in the matter. No additional writing on TBB.

My word count is at the same stagnant 39,488.
At this point, I'm not sure if I will be taking my laptop with me or not. Buying a new coffeemaker on my lunch break may be my goal for the day. However, I won't leave the house unprepared. Some of my best ideas come after a ride in the car. I'll have my notebook and pen handy to shoot out anything new that comes to mind. And hopefully, I'll have some new words to input into the CPU.

Thank you for your continued comments and updates. I'll post tomorrow morning with my progress. I hope to see you back with your writing updates.

******************** Join me in this writing rally!!! **********************

If you would like to help keep me accountable and be entered in my contest for a $10 Starbucks gift card + a special surprise from me, leave a comment here. The winner will be announced at the end of this contest April 30. If you go to my post on FAITH you'll see I've posted instructions for the contest. I blog every Sunday on FAITH and will give a weekly update there as well. So those Sunday comments also count toward the contest.

But Only Blogger comments will be counted... Facebook comments don't count.

Thank you for your support!


Dianna Shuford said…
I don't understand the coffee angle as I don't drink the stuff, but I do understand the previous commitment. Try printing a chapter out hard copy to take with you instead of a notebook- possibly the previous one- then you can make hand edits and pre-read so when you get to sit down with your computer you're ready to write!
Mindy Obenhaus said…
Guess you'll be buying a new coffee maker today, huh? I know how you feel about your coffee.

Praying you'll get to write some on your lunch today. And WAY TO GO for starting at 3:30 AM. You can do it, Christy. You ARE Super Woman.
Rebecca Lynn said…
Wow. I agree with Mindy. You are superwoman. Keep in mind, when you read my updates for word counts, I am not married and don't have kids, and have a consulting business I run from home. So I really don't have any excuses. If you, who are doing *so* much already, can write every day, then I can surely do it.

I am just in awe of you!! Wow.
Christy LaShea said…
Dianna, great idea about printing the previous chapter. I'll try that some time when I have enough ink in my printer, LOL!

Mindy & Rebecca - No, I'm not superwoman, just determined to succeed and/or accomplish my writing goals!!!

And since I've had experience being a stay at home mom, I know that being at home doesn't mean you are not busy... in fact, you could be busier! Things come up and depending on if you are volunteering your time elsewhere, things can get in the way of writing.

Thanks for your support and please update me on how each of you did writing! The good and the bad!! If you didn't write anything, put it down here. Believe me, it will help you write something next time, or revise, or delete parts - whatever your current need is.

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