Keep Me Accountable - Day 2

Thanks for the rally and support! I'm excited about starting a new day and wondering how many words I'll write today.

Yesterday was tough. I was doing laundry, helping hubby with his project. We were taking care of the kids. My 5 year old bounced around the house gleefully, wanting one of us to entertain her. She did entertain herself for a little while, although that seemed so short-lived. Hubby and I took turns feeding and changing the baby and I actually cooked dinner.

In between all of that, I answered blog posts - thank you again for your interest - and worked on the scene. I did write 102 words that are new, but the revising and deleteing I also did caused my word count to drop.

So, not only am I a girl who can GAIN weight on the Weight Watchers point system, but I will also LOSE words in a writing challenge!

I really don't know how I did that... My word count is now 39,488.
I'm not sure if I made a mistake yesterday or what. I don't remember cutting that much when I was revising... Hmmm...

So I lost about a thousand words.
Losing words doesn't make me feel good. I need to put the pounds back on this book. I need to gain about 21K now....

Today will be especially challenging as I return to work. On the flipside of that, if I am diligent and work on the book during my lunch break, I may be able to finish the scene. I've been known to be super creative midday...


And now, Kudos to my readers and fellow writers!!!

Way to go Rebecca! She wrote 2300 words - YESTERDAY!!!!
Girl, I'm coming to your house - I'll sit on one side of the desk and you the other and we'll just write. Congratulations!!!

As for me....

Progress so far... Current Word Count - 39,488
TARGET Word Count - 60,000

Goal Today... Instead of losing words, I wanna gain a few... Still working on the scene for Chapter 12.

I'll post tomorrow morning with my progress and I hope to see you back with your progress, too.

******************** Join me in this writing rally!!! **********************

If you would like to help keep me accountable and be entered in my contest for a $10 Starbucks gift card + a special surprise from me, leave a comment here. The winner will be announced at the end of this contest April 30. If you go to my post on FAITH you'll see I've posted instructions for the contest. I blog every Sunday on FAITH and will give a weekly update there as well. So those Sunday comments also count toward the contest.

But Only Blogger comments will be counted... Facebook comments don't count.

Thank you for your support!


Edwina said…
Christy, I consider yesterday a success for you! Look at all you accomplished, not just in writing. I've done the same thing - revise/edit and lost about 2,000 words. That was a little discouraging, but necessary.

Today, you will accomplish MUCH!!

Dianna Shuford said…
Hmmm...lost some, did you? Well, let's look at it like this-
the words you lost are "fat" words and are there just to be there, but the words you'll add in revisions will be "muscle" words and will be weightier than the words you lost.

In other words, you're cutting empty words that are taking up space, and replacing them with words that will add muscle to your story! Just like when you enter a weight loss program and gain weight because your exercise regiment adds muscle to your frame.

Did that make sense?? Well, it did to me. Don't be discouraged. I think the loss of words is a natural occurance on the road to progress.
Rebecca Lynn said…
This is great accountability for me. I wrote another 2200 words today! My secret? I've been using write-or-die.

I totally feel you on having the negative word count days, though. I have my share of those. I figure, anyone can write 2500 words a day, but they won't all be usable. In my 2200 for today, I'm pretty positive not all of them will see the light of day.

Me, I'd rather have those great-edit days smushed into my great-writing days. That way, I make sure to get all the punch for my penny.

Tomorrow, just imagine me at my desk and you at yours, and we'll write together. I like write-or-die because it makes little noises at me when I stop writing. It's good motivation.

But so is this challenge!! :-)

Keep up the great work!
Christy LaShea said…
Thanks Edwina and Dianna for helping me to feel better about the word loss. And yes, Dianna, you're making sense. I like the thought of adding muscle to my story.

Keep up the great work Rebecca and keep pushing through that story!

Write or die - that about sums it up - yeah!

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