I'm on FAITH today, blogging about "The Dreaded Synopsis"

I don't know why we authors dread writing a synopsis. But most people I talk to agree. Writing a novel, from the inception of the the idea, to the black moment then the wonderful happily ever after conclusion could be compared to a garden of beautiful blooming flowers. You want to spend all day in it, basking in the warm sunshine and picking blooms off a daisy.

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me.

This may come close to describing novel writing at its best when all the wheels are turning in a writers mind and we are writing a bunch of good stuff ;)

But when it comes to writing a synopsis, that's a different garden all together. Sometimes it can be like working in a garden of weeds.

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Ching Ya said…
At times we enjoyed a little bit of both ways: lengthy, or simple synopsis. I prefer lengthy when I wish to be indulged in a novel. But to write a synopsis for one, just hard to squeeze in all the good stuffs in few sentences. For you and other authors who managed to do so, really, I give you credit! ^^

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