Keep Me Accountable - Day 5 - The Duel!

My bud, Dianna Shuford, is still my guest blogger over on FAITH through this weekend. If you haven't gone over, drop by and say hi. You'll be entered to win a $25 Office store gift card and I'll announce the winner on Faith on Sunday. The address:

Now, I mentioned a duel in my title. You see, Dianna has challenged me  to a writing duel this weekend. I accept the challenge!  This morning I logged in about 500 words.

Here in Georgia, it's a beautiful fall day and I won't be home for long.  I need a little competitive spirit to join in this duel and see how many words we can get through this weekend. Are you in?

Since I last posted, my word count is 3,207. My stated goal, 80,000.

Good luck!

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Dianna Shuford said…
8,000 for the weekend? Ok. I'll hold you to that one.

Hold on to your hat. I getting started writing now. Or should I say revising and adding words as I go? I'm short 20,000 for the full that was requested.

Yes, a challenge is exactly what's needed to prod us all along.
Christy LaShea said…
Oops, no, I just updated that. Just a reminder 80k is my total goal. Maybe for this weekend, I can reach 2000 total words?!
Dianna Shuford said…
Oh, I thought I was seeing things. Hehe. 8,000 for the weekend sounds good though, huh?

I posted the challenge write-off on Facebook for any who want to join.
Jason H-M said…
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Can't wait to see who wins! Although if you both get in a ton of words, you'll both win :) I'm still going strong at 1k per day, although yesterday I had to push hard for those words :) They didn't come when they were supposed to, but then flooded in later on :) So that ended well :) I'm now over 17 000! About 1/4 of the book :)

Christy, you asked earlier if I work, yes I do. Lucky me though I work from home. I am also homeschooling my daughter. So very busy always :) I wish constantly for there to be more hours in a day!

Good luck ladies! I'll check in later to see who won :)

P.S. Sorry about the deleted comment that was me.
Dianna Shuford said…
Okay, Christy, I've managed to add about 200 words to my manu. Actually, I've cut quite a bit, but I didn't count how many I cut so I probably wrote more than 200.

I also wrote about 850 words on a hero's journey example for a friend? Do those count?

Anyway, I'm getting ready to move on to chapter 9 for revisions. I'll let you know if I add anymore words.

Eva- girl, I'm proud of you. You keep going. And, homeschooling is tough. I homeschooled my three for 10 yrs. before going back to work. So kudos to you!! I couldn't manage to write when I homeschooled.
Thanks Dianna!

I think you and Christy did great this weekend! You are both so motivated :) Keep going!
Lindi said…
Ladies---I wasn't really home this weekend much--but I'm glad you guys were dueling! I'll duel with you this week, because last week I think I logged less than 300 words? And no real good excuses except I slept late.
Keep it going--write, write, write. :)

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