I chopped it all off!

Showing the length of my hair in June @ Disney World's Boardwalk Resort
After my hair cut on Friday... I'm holding my donation to Locks of Love :)


JoyAnne said…
Wow, I love your new look!
Christy LaShea said…
Thanks JoyAnne! It feels so much better... lighter!!
Sarah Forgrave said…
I love it, Christy!
Vince said…
Hi Christy:

“You chopped it all off?”

I don’t think so. If my hair was as long as yours is now, my wife would demand I get a haircut!

One person’s ‘all off’ is another person’s ‘too long’.

But bless you. It’s a good cause. My wife has had seven friends and relatives with breast cancer just in the last few years. It's a very good cause. Thanks.

Christy LaShea said…
Thanks Sarah & Vince!

Vince, I don't blame your wife...Although it would be interesting to see you with your hair grown out ;) Thanks for sharing about your wife's friends. I hope my donation can help someone.
Tami Brothers said…
LOVE IT!!! It looks great on you.

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