TTIN Challenge: Deadlines & Remembrance

As many of you know, my grandmother passed away last Wednesday. Though she'd broken her hip, and was in a rehab facility, her health began to decline. I don't think death is ever expected, even when the illness has been drawn out... I think there is still some shock there when someone passes, even though you've watched them be ill for a while. This was not the case with my grandmother. When she declined, she did so fast and went on to be with her maker very suddenly. I've gone through denial and I've been numb.

On Sunday, I decided to write. When I speak about writing, I'm not journaling, although I think that can be very helpful. No, when I write, I want to escape. My character's problems are much worse than my own and I know that I can put them through hell, but know that in the end, all will be happy.

The ACFW Genesis Contest has been looming since January. Although the deadline is March 4th, up until this very moment, I thought the deadline was today. Anywho... this is what I finalized on Sunday. I submitted my entry. It was a big accomplishment because despite everything else that has been going on, the Lord gave me some free time on Sunday and I chose to use it wisely. Normally, when life is awry, so is my writing. I hope this small accomplishment shows I'm growing up and beginning to use my writing as therapy and work through the hard times.

If you'd like to read more about my grandmother, Sue Russell White, here is a link to her obituary. The obit was written by my cousin who truly captured Sue's essence. I like to think I may have inherited some of Sue's ambition. She didn't let life get her down. She clung to life and raced toward the finish.


Christy, I am so glad you got your Genesis entry in like you wanted. Congratulations!!!

I'm still praying for you and your family. It's always a long road to travel and some days are better than others. Your grandmother sounded like a great woman and she will live on in you.
Lindi said…
I'm glad you got your entry in. I know it was good therapy for you--getting to write.
Dianna Shuford said…
The deadline for Genesis is this Friday?? Oh, no. For some reason I was thinking I had until April. Go figure...

Guess I better get something done.
Lindi said…
It used to be April 1st for the Genesis deadline--but they changed it this year.
Dianna Shuford said…
Well, I managed to get my entry off tonight.

Thanks for letting me know I hadn't completly lost my sense of calendar, Lindi!

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