Maysville Fall Festival

Saturday I traveled to Maysville, Georgia for their fall festival.

There were pony rides, face painting, funnel cakes and big jumping things for the kids. I went for the parade and to see my nephew, Ricky, walk in the parade with the Cub Scouts. The folks in the parade threw candy. Here's a self portrait of me and little me, who couldn't wait to try a sucker!

Here come the Scouts!

There's Ricky!

Here comes the fire truck, the people shout Hooray!
(That's a phrase from Barney - yes my mind is warped by a purple dinosaur)

The big chicken!

The Church wagon

I love horse drawn carriages but feel sorry for the horses hooves, clomping on that hard asphalt.

Seeing the old tractors was a lot of fun.

This guy was supposed to be Frosty the Snowman.

I love this building. Every time I visit Maysville, and see this building - not sure if it used to be a restaurant, or what - but I can see the potential of a story there. Imagine weaving a story around the people who worked and visited the "Yellow Rose of Maysville."

I smell a historical brewing...

More pictures to come of the cool vintage cars and hot rods that were also in the parade! Check back later in the week!


Is that your cutie pie you're holding? She looks just like you!
That's Downey!

But she looks a whole lot like her Daddy - just has my skin and hair color!
Great pictures, Christy. It sounds like a fun day.

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