Defiant Heart by Tracey Bateman ~ My Review!

Unfortunately, I wasn't finished with this book when the CFBA blog tour rolled around. But if you like historicals and stories of pioneers searching for a new life in the young West, this is the story for you.

Fannie Caldwell is desperate to escape her life as an abused indentured servant with her twin siblings. Although Blake Tanner is reluctant to allow Fannie to come along on his wagon train, he can't deny the determination he sees in her. As they head West, they discover Christ's love and a new love between them. But will they ever be able to escape Fannie's past?

Tracey Bateman kept me hooked throughout the story. Just when I thought Fannie was safe, another challenge would strike. I loved Fannie's determined character. It was a joy to read about Fannie and Blake's blooming relationship. Supporting characters in Sam and Toni make me look forward to Book Two!


Anonymous said…
Ummmmm........Christy ? WHERE is your writing meter?? Are you being a good girl and writing or must I harass you ??
Cousin Wendy
Wendy, my writer's meter is down the page. Out of my daily sight.

Maybe I should move it up to be more accountable.


Now that you're looking out for me too!

and thanks, by the way! I need that extra shove!

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