Face Lift

If you're looking for me, you've found the right blog. And no, I didn't get a facelift, but the blog did.

I know, I know! I should be writing or preparing my post for F.A.I.T.H. tomorrow. Instead, I decided I didn't like some things on my blog layout. So voila! Changed again.

It's lighter. It's only a few minutes old at this moment. I'm getting used to it. What do you think?

And if your comment is: Christy, pick a template and stick with it, and get back to writing... well, you can just keep your comment to yourself :-)


Thank you!

I'm hoping a new "wallpaper" will inspire me.
Belinda said…

Yes. I like this.
I'm so glad you like it.

It fits the whole page better.

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